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Moving on up/out

So hey, it's been a while. How's everyone? Good, I trust?

I'm dropping by on this journal probably for one last time to make a general PSA:


Oh noes! you may cry. But fear not! There's a new blog:


Why the change? Well, recently I came to the very hard decision that I'm just not really motivated to write fanfiction anymore. But happily, I'm very motivated to work on my own stuff. As a result, I wanted very much to write about my own work and writing, but I wanted to establish a new blog for that purpose - this one is so tied to my involvement in fandom and fanfiction that I did not want to continue blogging about original works here. It's a hard decision: I've had this blog since I was 15 years old, and I've documented a lot here. But it's not going to go away - I'll keep it alive. More for myself, I realize, than anyone else.

But don't worry! I still check my friend-page religiously through the day. I love you guys. <3 I'll still comment, still be around, still see what everyone's up to and still be obsessed with Discworld fandom (YOU'LL NEVER BE RID OF ME BWAHAHAHA). I'll just be blogging on another page. So not that big of a change. :)

And who knows? On the full moon, there might be an urge to turn out a fanfic . . . DUN DUN DUN. :D


Further adventures in menfolk.

He showed up to our first informal date - a meeting over coffee - wearing Captain Kirk's shirt.

Not the original one, but does it matter?

I let it slide, ordered my coffee. We talked. Introductions, typical first date, met-online flattery (your picture doesn't do you justice). Small talk was had, and it was about superheroes and - at length - Star Trek. Specifically, his preferences for the original Star Trek, not Enterprise, the newer TV show.

I let this slide too. I like sci fi, even though Star Trek isn't really my thing. I can roll with a Trekkie.

His favorite TV show is Glee. He cried at the Madonna episode. Questionable.

The first loud, inappropriate racist joke came about 20 minutes in. I didn't know what to say. He's a large black man, I'm a little white girl. Anything I said would be inappropriate. I said 'ha', smiled uncomfortably, and then said 'that's not right.'

It wasn't the last time.

I was there for 1.5 hours. I heard about the book he's writing. I heard about his family. I heard about is friends, and the ethnic slurs they refer to one another by. I said very little. When I did say something, the conversation was steered back to another uncomfortable topic.

And the jokes. They kept coming. What now? What did he want me to say?

'Help', I texted my roommate. I do this too much. She called, said her car needed a jump, could I come right away? Thank God.

I tried to excuse myself. First, though, I had to see impressions. Every actor ever to play Batman. Adam West. Christian Bale. Mark Hamil's joker. His own portrayal of Batman.

And then, for variety, Emperor Palpatine.

I stood up, got my bag. I shook his hand. "No," he said, "handshakes are for business. Hugs are for friends." I hugged him. Anything to escape. I would have done a lot at that point. "Can I have your number?"

"No, I just got a new phone. I don't remember it. I need to call my brother to find out what it is. I'll email it to you later."

So sue me, I was under pressure.

Flee. Starbucks still in my mouth, conversations whirling in my head. Batman. An hour and a half, with a man in a Captain Kirk shirt, talking about superheroes, listening to his Batman impression.

He was sweet. He's meant for someone else.


Horse show report!

So I went to a horse show.

Wednesday 6/23: Lola arrived at the showgrounds. My mom was there when she got off the trailer, and walked and hand-grazed her for about an hour. All was well. I arrived later that night.

Thursday: Lola went out in the paddock with Excel for 2 hrs in the morning, before the flies were too bad. I showed her in two classes that afternoon. Class one was 1.05m Adult jumper class. We had two run-outs and were eliminated. The run-outs weren't really run-outs, though haha. There was a big thunderstorm right before we showed (we had to wait to show because it was really bad) that kind of got her wound up, and then when we went out into the big ring she realized she hadn't jumped a course in two weeks (whoops, way to train your jumper, Ashley) and just got really excited and totally failed at steering. Haha it sucked but it was kind of funny. Then, about 1.5 hrs later we showed in our 1.0m Adult jumper class (why the show had the larger class first I don't know but whatever) in the smaller annex ring and did really well. Lola had settled and was responsive. We were clean, forward and focused in the first round and the jumpoff, and we got 4th out of 20+ horses. I was really proud of her. We need to work on pathing, though. I lost some time in some turns.

Friday: Lo had the day off. She went out all Thursday night and all Friday night, so it's not like she was cooped up in her stall. My mom showed Excel, who was excited about life and a little strong lol. Oh Excel, you are truly the D student. :P <3

Saturday: Lola and I showed in the late morning, in a table 2 2b class (1.05m adult jumpers). She was again just really really great. Forward, off my leg, focused. I was glad for it because we were in the larger ring that we had had the runouts in earlier in the week. We got 2nd out of 20+ horses, and it was an addback class so we won some fat bank (like $200 I think). Winnerrrrr. Talked to the course designer, found out there was no liverpool in the classic the next day, so we scratched our afternoon class for Saturday and decided to save her for the big money class on Sunday. Mom showed Excel in the Pre-Adult hunters in the afternoon and the 2'6" M&S classic and did really well. Some good ribbons and 2nd in the classic so yay Excel. B+ student that afternoon! Lola and Excel went out together all night.

Sunday: Showed in the classic in the morning. Lola was really tired, so I had to be careful about her energy level around the course. Missed a distance to the friggin biggest oxer on the course and Lola was very good and went anyway. Had 3 rubs around the course and I thought for sure we'd have the rail at the one, but it stayed up. Lucky lucky. Qualified for the jumpoff, along with 11 other riders. Had a good strategy for a couple short turns, but they raised aforementioned large oxer (was probs about 1.15m and wiiiiddeeee) so I planned on only one inside turn. Went into the ring and like a friggin idiot forgot to make said turn, but was still clear and pretty quick in 30 seconds and change. Lola was tired, but tried and still moved forward, off my leg, and uphill for the whole course. Very good girl. We ended up 6th for the class and won more fat bank ($300+). I has me a prizewinning mare, that is for sure. If it weren't for the damn stall fees and the fact that Excel and Lola are on the same bill the show would have had to cut me a check, which would have been awesome hahahaha. I love coming home with a check. Then we shipped home and Lola had dinner and went out into the field. I was slightly concerned because she took a bad step going into the field and wouldn't bear weight on the right front for a minute, but then fussed at me for holding her still. I let her go, figuring I could see how she moved, and she walked and trotted off sound. I'm still calling the vet out for a leg work-up though, because this is the second time she's done something similar in the past two weeks. Last time we were on a trail ride, same leg, same funny step and then short-term severe lameness followed by rapid and full recovery. It can never be easy with horses, you know?

Anyway so that is the show update! Lola had a well-deserved day off today. Tomorrow I am going to go out and fuss over her but I don't think I'll work her. I want to ride her Wednesday and Thursday, but I might have to take RD to the vet Thursday for his Lyme booster so we'll see about that. Friday I will be home for a 4th of July celebration, and likewise on Saturday. Sunday I am planning on riding again. Maybe next Tuesday I will be able to get the vet out to check her legs.

More to come, as always. :P Hopefully I can wrangle some video of our fabulous rides lol.

In horse world drama news, a local jumper trainer (no names mentioned) was at the show too, which was very puzzling since apparently he is supposed to be in prison for embezzling millions of dollars. What a winner. I will be following that closely lol.
So way to go me, declare intent of posting nearly every day and then move to an apartment with no internet. Winrar. But internet has happened now!

Riding has been unnecessarily stressful, not because of Lola but because of the new dog. :/ He is sort of neurotic, and by that I mean he is crazy. For the past two days I've come home to find his bedding bloody from him trying to get out of his cage. So I have to bring him to the barn, and he is . . . slowly learning to be a barn dog I guess? He stood quietly by the ring tied to a tree while I rode today, anyway, and I was able to let him off the leash for a little so he could play with some of the other dogs at the barn. I mean, he'll get there but it makes riding difficult.

Anyway, so I showed the weekend before last, and Lola sort of had it easy after that since we are going to a 4-day show this weekend. She was lunged in the ropes Wednesday of last week, and then I rode her Thursday. I had to take RD to the vet Friday so I didn't have the chance to ride her but I rode Saturday and Sunday. She had Monday off, and then I rode her today.

Our big thing leading up to this show has been her irrational fear of liverpools. We have been working patiently with them, using a variety of approaches. We have lunged her over them, given her time to think about them, and have lured her over them with food. A few weeks ago it looked like we had hit a plateau: she would go over them eventually, but not after throwing a hissy fit. Then we tried carrots as a reward, and her behavior improved. On Thursday, Saturday and Sunday I worked with her on them, always the same routine, but decreasing bits and pieces of it. First, I would lead her into the ring and over the liverpool (I had removed all jump rails). We would cross it several times and I rewarded her for brave/good behavior. Then I would get on and we would walk over it together, again rewarding her good behavior. I would then work her like normal and then give her a break before returning to the liverpool at a trot. If I had help on the ground, we would gradually add rails to it and increase the height of the fence. If not, we would just repeat going over it until she treated it like just another pole on the ground.

Today I decided we weren't going to walk over it, mostly because I didn't want to stress my dog out (I wanted to tie him and have him see that when I'm riding, I don't really go anywhere lol). So I just put it down to an x-rail. Then we worked just like normal on the flat - walk, trot, canter, trot - and then trotted to the x. She was actually really good - sort of jumped it funny but the important part is that she did jump it. We then worked over it a little bit more, and by the end she was just jumping it like any other fence. I was proud and we ended on that note.

Her flatwork is baddddd right now. She needs to go back in draw reins just as a reminder that throwing your head around like a tard is frowned upon. I also want her working more from her hind end - she tends to fall back behind my leg when I don't have pointy spurs on, and I want to change that. I don't want to have to use a spur to get my horse working off my leg, and to an extent she will always just be a horse that needs a spur, but I should not need long pointed spurs just for flatwork. Right now I am working her mostly in long spurs with those black plastic rollers on the end to blunt them and make them more of a gentle reminder than a painful jab. She listens to them when it's convenient, but I'd like her moving mostly off my leg with very little input from the spur.

As far as her general health - FATTY. FAT FAT FAT. Lord almighty, she looks like a tick ready to pop right now. Her coat is slick and glossy and dappled, sure, but I can hardly get what we jokingly refer to as her "fat girl girth" to fasten - much less her "skinny jeans" (her CWD bellyguard girth)! We've cut her feed back to 1/2 scoop, but the damage is being done by turnout and her hay ration. She's turned out 12+ hours/day on good grass, and she gets 4 flakes of alfalfa per day, mostly for her stomach pH balance. Also, we seem to have successfully resolved her ulcers, so the fact that her stomach feels better probably comes into play there too. Ugh, but yes, fatty horse. Weight loss is on her horizon.

She also had a Mysterious Puffy Hock today. I figured I'd ride her and see how (un)sound she was, but she was perfectly fine. The swelling did not go down with work, though, which is sort of weird, so I will be keeping an eye on it. The weirdest part about it is that the swelling is below the joint, so it's almost like she got bitten by something or bumped it. Fingers crossed it's just a little thing, although I was planning on having a leg-check done after this show anyway, so maybe I will have Dr. D take a look at it anyway. She's going to get a couple of light weeks after this show to recoup, and I'm going to call Dr. D and have him come out to re-ultrasound her old hematoma, as well as check out a new windpuff that's shown up on her right knee. If the hock thing is still going on then I will definitely have him check that business out too. Ugh, it's like she turns 10 and all of the sudden she's like 'time to be prone to INJURIES! LET'S DO IT!'. Ah, horses.

Anyway, I will try to update from the horse show but no promises. I am showing in two classes on Thursday, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Of course, this is all subject to change, based on how she's doing, etc. I am considering scratching out of the Sunday class, just because I don't want to throw her in the ring with a liverpool (and there will be one) without her really feeling prepared, but I know that's just me whimping out hahaha. She is ready, and we're just going to have to be strong together lol.

Anyway, that got very long and rambly.  My b.


Hey guys! Still uh, still not dead over here. Kicking away, as it were.

Rundown of my life:
- As mentioned, I graduated college with my biology degree whut whut Anolis carolinensis for lifeeeeee.
- I got into nursing school so, uh, yeah, gonna be a nurse.
- I've lost 12 lbs, need to lose 7-10 more to hit my goal weight alllllllll righttttt.
- I AM MOVING TUESDAY (ie tomorrow) and I haven't packed shittttttttt.
- I got a job at an OB/GYN omg I know, right?
- I went to a horse show yesterday and Lolaface was wonderful and splendid even in the rain storm and we got some low ribbons because we are slow and I do not care because she was a good pony and I love herrrr.
- I GOT A DOG. And I pick him up tomorrow. His name is RD and I do not own a camera so pictures are not to follow, I think, for some time. He's a lab mixed with . . . something. Something red. 'RD' actually stands for 'Red Dog' I know, I am so damn creative, watch out.


I'd also like to announce my new intention for this journal: Fic will mostly be posted at ff.n, but I'd really like to use this space as a riding journal thing. Every day I ride or go to the barn, ideally I would like to sit down and update here, even if it's just a brief note. As a result, a lot of you are going to be bored stiff. PLEASE, if you'd like to unfriend because of this, do not hesitate! My feelings will not be hurt. I will still keep my f-list so I can keep up with all you lovely souls, but I am repurposing this journal so it's going to be mostly horses. :)

Going Postal movie review: no need for a cut.

Summary: Vetinari needs lulz, is too busy to troll and induce nerdrage full time on his own. Hires novice troll, who succeeds in massive nerdrage-inspiration. Moist, Adora and Vetinari have lulz all around. Vetinari and Drumknott may or may not fistbump at the end of the movie, their bromance is so epic.

-Movie was not wholly faithful to the book, but that didn't bother me; was close enough that I enjoyed it anyway.
-Moist is a hottie. :3
-Vetinari does everything for lulz.
-Drumknott is creepily adorable.
-Vetinari's one-liners in part two are fantastic.
-Gilt is a crazy-ass motherfucker.
-PONIES EVERYWHERE, PRETTY PONIES ALL OVER THE MOVIE. And not Mr. Pony. Actual, you know, horses. And Moist could actually ride pretty well! I was impressed.
-Mr. Pump=great
-The GNU = /b/-tards
-How do I shot web?
-"We've got you covered" lolololololollolol
-"I can't wait to seize your assets." Oh, terrible pickup lines, never change.
-Everything about Dave's Pin Emporium
-Moist's naked bod
-Vetinari's conversation with Ridcully omg I died like over 9000 times during that scene. Plus Drumknott's "DO NOT LULZ" face at the end.
-Could Sir Pterry be any more awesome? (Answer: No, he could not, as it is physically impossible)

OH HEY ALSO. I graduated from college. Yeahhhh how about that. Bachelor's in Biology whut whut.

See y'all on the flip side. :P


Oh hay kids

I'm still alive olololololololololol. I dunno, I'm just not interested in LJ anymore, whatever. I have a lot going on in my life, all very good, but basically I'm really busy so I'm like, not posting. Also, nothing anything you all care about is going on haha. So anyway, still alive, just doin my thing. :P

And I'm doing the No. 1 song on the day your were born meme thing. I went with the US chart because, uh, I was born in the US. And I live there.

So! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you 'Bad' by none other than the King of Pop:


Jan. 14th, 2010

Pants on the ground
Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground
With the gold in your mouth, hat turned sideways
Pants hit the ground, call yourself a cool cat
Lookin’ like a fool, walkin’ to the town
With your pants on the ground!

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground . . .

(Also: look for an upcoming Discworld/Doctor Who crossover, possibly featuring a Vetinari/Doctor 'Pants on the Ground' duet)

Meme day 4!

Day 01 → Your favorite song
Day 02 → Your favorite movie
Day 03 → Your favorite television program

Day 04 → Your favorite book
Day 05 → Your favorite quote
Day 06 → Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 07 → A photo that makes you happy
Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad
Day 09 → A photo you took
Day 10 → A photo of you taken over ten years ago
Day 11 → A photo of you taken recently
Day 12 → Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 13 → A fictional book
Day 14 → A non-fictional book
Day 15 → A fanfic
Day 16 → A song that makes you cry (or nearly)
Day 17 → An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)
Day 18 → Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 19 → A talent of yours
Day 20 → A hobby of yours
Day 21 → A recipe
Day 22 → A website
Day 23 → A YouTube video
Day 24 → Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 25 → Your day, in great detail
Day 26 → Your week, in great detail
Day 27 → This month, in great detail
Day 28 → This year, in great detail
Day 29 → Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30 → Whatever tickles your fancy

Faveskies book, eh? Well, I love reading so I had to think about this one for a while. I don't define it as a book I know by heart, but as a book I could pick up any time, any place, and settle in wherever I picked it up and enjoy it. A book I'm deeply fond of, no matter what. A book, in short, that I have that is dog-eared and well-loved and that I have read many, many times.

It's not a Terry Pratchett book.





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