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So like I'm in college and stuff. I'm a Biology major trying to get into med school (pheer). I love college with all my life ans will be v. v. sad when they make me leave just cause I've earned a degree. :(

I ride horses a lot. My horse, a lovely little thing named Lola, is pretty much my BFF. XD We do the Adult Amateur Jumpers and are hoping to move up to the Modified Jr/AO jumpers next year. We'll see, idk whatever.

I also like Discworld and writing fanfiction and drawing comics. Those things will appear with regularity on this journal. And Vetinari is almost always out of character. Be warned.

And that about does it for me. OH. I play World of Warcraft and like Looking For Group and Least I Could Do. If you play WoW, send out a holla. I have Thelo, a 70 mage, Malanai, a shadow priest I've so far leveled to the 30s and a small army of alts on the Llane server, Alliance. I have Richardine and Stabbya, my two horde toons, on Uldaman. Neither have made it past lvl 20 but probably will eventually. You never know.

And verily for that is all.